Saturday, March 12, 2016

What If?

What if you could make a difference in the lives of many people you've never met?

What if your everyday spending could provide extraordinary blessings to the poor and needy in our world?

You CAN help make a difference. Your spending CAN provide blessings to others.

When I felt the LORD leading me to retire, I had no idea where He was leading. I had begun searching job sites, but my plans could be summed up with this conversation. A teacher I work with asked, "What are you going to do when you retire?" I answered her, "I have several ideas, but I am beginning to think it will be something I haven't even imaged yet."

And, then.........

The LORD began moving in our lives in ways I indeed had never imagined. So many God moments that I will share more of them later. And, in those moments, I have felt His calling to open a fair trade retail store. 


Josiah's Blessings

What is Fair Trade?

Products sold as fair trade are the same as those sold in free trade. The difference is the treatment of the producers. Fair trade is supportive of the workers who make the goods. Fair trade guarantees a fair income and helps alleviate poverty in underdeveloped areas. Fair trade principles support communities as well as businesses, providing clean water, better working conditions, and increased living standards.

It  is an alternative approach to business, enriching, and assisting the lives of the producers, whereby they are no longer victims but victorious. It's a means to advocate for and support the least of these by empowering them to improve their way of life with dignity.

Fair trade provides hope. Fair trade creates opportunity. It enables the success of others in our world who have faced unimaginable hardships, perhaps through poverty, perhaps as victims of human trafficking and exploitation.

Josiah's Blessings will be opening soon in downtown Blackshear. I have been working already with producers in India, Kenya, Haiti, and China. I have been touched by the stories of moms whose children couldn't go to school because of disabilities. The children go to school now, and their moms make a salary that can sustain their families. I have cried as another mom, who was once a prostitute, shares how an organization rescued her. Now, she is a jewelry maker, and both she and her daughter have met JESUS.

Join me in blessing others. Join me at Josiah's Blessings. I look forward to sharing more!


  1. How wonderful. Can't wait to learn more and I hope you have mail order. Take care, Julianna

    1. I do hope to have mail order!!! Thank you. I can't wait to see what the LORD has in store.